Hakuhodo S5555 Vermilion Makeup Powder & Liquid Foundation Brush Rd&Agld 2mm


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Sxxx Vermillion Brush Series are the flagship models of Hakuhodo. In order to maintain the high quality of production, all of brushes are hand-crafted at the factory of Hakuhodo in Hiroshima prefecture. The detail information of each product can be found on the web site of Hakuhodo.

Quick and easy foundation makeup application to achieve a flawless finish. It has a unique shape; synthetic fibers are arranged with 2mm shorter goat hair as if it has a ‘layer’ on the top. up then distribute moderate amount of pigments; and to have a bouncy texture which help your application easier. Please try to use surface of the brush (try not to touch shorter goat hair on your skin) and tap on as stippling to apply; then blend them out with a gentle circular motion. You will see your natural makeup while also helping your makeup lasting longer. This brush works perfectly with any type of foundation – liquid/cream and even powder.

Use application Foundation、Powder
Hair Goat・Synthetic fiber
Handle Wood/Vermillion
Ferrule 24-karat gold plated brass with clear coating
Size Bush length:170mm Hair length:23mm Hair thickness:21.7mm

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