Hakuhodo S162Bk Makeup Eyebrow Brush Angled from Kyoto Japan


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All the brush heads are identical to those of S series of Vermillion Brush Range but these brushes have glossy wooden handles. The handle shape has been especially designed for ease of use, for everyone.
In order to maintain the high quality of production, all of brushes are hand-crafted at the factory of Hakuhodo in Hiroshima prefecture. The detail information of each product can be found on the web site of Hakuhodo.

Use this very popular brush if you want full coverage on your brow by applying liquid product or you desire very thin brows. Also can be used as an eyeliner.

Use application Eyebrow
Hair Weasel
Handle Wood black
Ferrule 24-karat gold plated brass with clear coating
Size Brush length:146mm Hair length:6mm Hair thickness:2.2mm

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