Hakuhodo Po810BkM Makeup Brush Pouch for 4pcs Synthetic Leather Matte Black


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This is Hakuhodo makeup brush pouch for 4pcs of the brushes. Please make sure your brushes fit the size of this brush case.
Makuep Brush Pouch
This makeup brush pouch is to carry the minimum necessary brush safely and compactly such as powders and cheeks that you want to use for makeup are also neatly stored! Thin brushes such as eyeshadows and lips are in the left pocket. The pocket part has two tiers, so you can store small tools such as cotton swabs, puffs, and twisers together. Double zipper type is convenient. With a protective cover to prevent damage to the ends of the hair. Adopting enamel material, it is resistant to dirt and wrinkles! It’s a newly developed pouch that has evolved further.
  • Use application:Holding makeup brushes (4 brush positions + 4 pockets)
  • Size : 205mm(8.07″ ) x 95mm(3.74″) x 25mm(0.98″)
  • Material : Outer(synthetic leather) / Inner(polyurethane)
  • Color : Matte Black

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