Hakuhodo G5567 Blush Makeup Brush Round & Flat from Kyoto Japan


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The brushes in G range may herald a trend.
In order to maintain the high quality of production, all of brushes are hand-crafted at the factory of Hakuhodo in Hiroshima prefecture. The detail information of each product can be found on the web site of Hakuhodo.

A blusher brush featuring soft and fluffy bristles. A combination of blue squirrel and synthetic fibers provides more control and durability than pure blue squirrel bristles. Lightly deposit the color on the cheekbone, then blend by gently gliding the brush to create a soft matte finish. As blue squirrel hair is delicate and easy to break hence avoid rubbing or crushing the bristles. Use the hair tips arranged on the brush surface and gently glide in one direction.

Use application Blusher
Hair Blue squirrel & Synthetic fiber
Handle Wood/Black
Ferrule Nickel-plated brass
Size Bush length:153mm Hair length:38mm Hair thickness:15.0mm

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Black Medium 153mm 6.02inch, Black Long 178mm 7.01inch


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