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Traveler’s Factory Traveler’s Notebook Passport Size Camel Leather Covered JAPAN


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This is a traveler’s notebook passport size starter kit. A plain notebook refill made in Japan is set in the a cowhide cover made in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
You can use it as it is, but based on this, you can use it more useful by setting a zipper case or a pen holder sold separately to increase the storage capacity, or by adding a notebook refill with a refill connecting band.
Because of its simple construction, you can easily attach charms and beads to elastic bands or bookmark strings.
By customizing it like yourself, traveler’s notebook makes taking note more enjoyable with the texture of leather that becomes more tasteful as you use it for a long time.

  • Cotton Pouch, Leather Cover, spare elastic band, note refill (64pages unruled, stitcher binding)
  • Materials: Cotton case / fabric, cover / cowhide, notebook refill / MD paper
  • Size:Package H150×W113×D16mm Cotton pouch H165×W120mm
    Cover:H134×W95×D10mm MADE IN THAILAND
    Refill:H124×W89×D4mm MADE IN JAPAN

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