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Ryusen TANGANRYU Premium Chef’s Vegetables Cutting Knife 160mm Damascus Steel


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Ryusen TANGANRYU Premium Chef’s Vegetable Cutting Knife 160mm Damascus Steel


RYUSEN HAMONO(knife) TANGAN RYU SERIES Vegetables cutting Knife
Hammered Damascus kitchen knife pursuing glittering beauty and sharpness to an absolute maximum.
Hammered Damascus steel carefully polished by artisans is used. A high-end steel material VG-10 is used as the core (steel), which is sandwiched by 33-layer Damascus steel made by laminating and forging alternate soft and hard stainless steel sheets, achieving long-lasting sharpness. The beautiful hammered surface asperities create an air layer between the food and the blade, making the cut pieces easy to separate from the blade.

  • Product Name: TANGANRYU Premium series
  • Blade: VG10(high grade stainless steel) / 67 Layered Damascus
  • Handle:Curly Maple
  • Edging: Double Edge
  • Hardness: 60HRC
  • Country of Manufacture: JAPAN
  • Type: Vegetables cutting Knife(Nakiri)
  • Blade Length: 160mm 6.3″
  • Total Length: 312mm 12.28″
  • Weight: 150g


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