Kyoto seisuke88 Japanese Pattern Pouch Frog Mouth Cotton Nylon Small Size


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This is a pouch with a twisted ball with a diameter of 1.4 cm.
Since the mouth opens wide, it is easy to see the inside and you can put things in and out smoothly. In addition, there is enough bottom gusset, so there is no problem with storage capacity. The colorful twisted ball that matches the pattern is adorable like a candy ball, and the inner has pockets on both sides, and plenty of small items such as lips can be put in.
The outer material is an expressive cotton ox fabric that is both cute and durable. The nylon ox lining is treated with “DEOFACTOR┬«”, an antibacterial treatment that suppresses the growth of bacteria, so you can always use it in a clean state without worrying about odors or stains. One of the charms is the elegant and calm antique gold color base.

Seisuke’s family has been running a factory for 65 years, arranging textures and clothings in Kyoto Japan. Seisuke started the brand label in 2003, only six months later meeting of the designs which was kept in a warehouse for more than 150 years. “seisuke88” is a brand which brought back the essence of the traditional Japanese designs to our age.

  • Bottom width 11.5 cm, base width 12 cm, height (including base) 11.8 cm, bottom gusset 5.5 cm
  • Material: Outer material: 100% cotton Lining: 100% nylon (antibacterial processing)
  • Weight: 61g
  • Country of origin: Japan



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