Kyoto Kaikado Handicraft Airtight Copper Caddy Ocean Wave Wide 200g w/o Scoop


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Kyoto Kaikado Handicraft Airtight Copper Caddy Ocean Wave Pattern Wide 200g w/o Scoop Japan


Kaikado is founded in Kyoto in 1875, shortly after Japan opened its doors to the rest of the world.
CHAZUTSU is originally designed to protect green tea leaves from moisture and humidity.
It can be used to protect coffee beans, tea leaves, homemade cookies, exotic spices, dried herbs and pasta from moisture and humidity.

Each caddy is 100% handicraft one through 130 – 140 manufacturing processes at the workshop in Kaikado.
The die and mold used in the early years of the company is still in use today.
Growing beauty through time is the principle fascination in Chazutsu.
Gently caressing the entire body of Chazutsu day after day brings out a mysteriously elegant sheen and gleam to its years. Chazutsu provides utility and pleasure as it ages gracefully with ownership.

The precision provided by the hand-made adjustment processes of the caddy is unique technology of Kaikado.
The double-walled construction guarantees super excellent air tightness.

Feature of the airtight caddy suitable for 200g green tea leaves from Kaikado in Kyoto

  • Caddy Size : H 4.33inch x Diameter 3.62inch (H 11cm x Diameter 9.2cm) for 200g of green tea leaves
  • Inner lid is included in this item.
  • Material : Copper (outside of caddy) Tin (inside of caddy) Tin and Brass (inner lid)

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