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Japanese Bamboo Craft Card Case Bishamon-kikko Traditional Patterns 60x98x9mm


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This is a high grade bamboo craft card case with a traditional Japanese patterns motif.
The card does not fall even without a lid, making it easy to remove.
About 20 business cards can be stored.

The wa-gu-mi series is made of bamboo material that is environmentally friendly and can be easily assembled without using tools or adhesives. The traditional Japanese design “Japanese pattern” is precisely expressed with laser cut.
Pattern “Bishamon-kikko” a kind of hexagonal pattern of tortoiseshell design as symbol of the longevity.
Name of “Bishamon-kikko” is originated from one of the seven gods of happiness, Bishamonten who used tortoiseshell design for his armor.

Bamboo is known for being a ecological natural material, it is a tree-like plant that grows faster than any other plant and also can thrive by using little or no pesticides.

  • Package size: 118 x 165 x 8mm
  • Assembled size: 60 x 98 x 9mm
  • Material: Bamboo

Assembly Instruction

  • Parts can be removed easily from the panel. Using a utility knife or a hobby knife allows you to remove them easier and will make the item look better.
  • Bamboo Plywood thickness and color may vary.
  • Apply adhesive glue in case of loose fitting or broken by excessive force.
  • Adhesive glue is not included in this item.


  • Use this product only for the intended purpose.
  • Be careful with sharp points.
  • Applying on excessive force could break item.
  • Keep away from heat or direct sunlight.
  • This product is not water-resistant. Avoid humidity.
  • Keep this product away from children.

Additional information

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