Kyoto Aritsugu Professional Chef’s Knives Basic Three Selection


Basic three selection of the chef’s knife for home use

  • Santoku beef sword with regular one piece with brim 18cm(7.09″)
  • The Deba knife 16.5cm(6.5″)
  • Large petty knife with brim 15cm(5.9″)

Aritsugu Shop Link

Professional Chef’s Knife Shop, Aritsugu located in Kyoto city

Aritsugu was founded in the first year of Eiroku in 1560, founded as a swordsmith.
It was founded by FUJIWARA no Aritsugu as a swordsmith in the Sengoku period (period of warring states) in 1560.
Since then, as a purveyor to the Imperial Palace for a long time, Aritsugu chef’s knife shop has received an appraisal of going in and out of the Imperial Palace,
but the type of blades created with the transition of the times has also appeared.


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