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Kyoto Uji Fukujuen Japanese Year 2022 New Tea Leaves SENCHA 88 Gold 40g Can


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Kyoto Uji Fukujuen Japanese Year 2022 Shincha New SENCHA 88(Hachi Ju Hachi) Gold Tea Leaves 40g Can


Fukujuen tea Co.(福寿園) was founded in Kyoto Uji, Japan in 1790 and it has been providing the highest quality Japanese green tea over 200 years. So Fukujuen is well known as the most famous green tea store in Kyoto Japan.

Aroma of lush Spring from deep green tea leaves.
Hachi-ju-Hachi means the 88th night from the start of Risshun, is the first day of spring.
This is the time when we can pick the best tea of the year.
May is the season for Shincha, that is the first Japanese tea of the year.
This tea is available only at this time of the year.
There is a saying “You’ll be healthy for the year if you drink Japanese tea harvested around Hachi-ju-Hachi ya”. 
If you brew the tea in hot water quickly, you’ll get the refreshing flavor and moderate astringency of the tea.

◆Directions (For 1 serving)
①Place 3g(about 1 tbsp) of tealeaves into the pot.
②Pour 60ml of hot water.(70℃)
③Steep it for 1min.Then pour the tea to the last drop.

◆Product Dimensions

◆Best before
270days after the date of manufacture.


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