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Acrylic 12 Color Paints for Animation Cel Drawing Art Cel Brand from Japan


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Art Cel® Cel paint basic 12 color for Animation Cel Drawing from Japan

 Material: Synthetic resin, pigment, water, anti-mold agent
◇ Acrylic water-based paint for cell animation (cel painting)
◇ 40mL each 12 colors set
◇ It is a slightly bargain set product with a set of 12 basic colors of Art Cel® Cel paint.
[Features of Art Cel® Cel Paint]
◇ As of 2022, it is the only cel paint made in Japan.
◇ It is a water-soluble and safe paint. It dries evenly and evenly, does not crack after drying, and has high flexibility.
◇ I packed it in a convenient small glass bottle that can be used for painting as it is.
[Introduction of each color]
Every color was selected based on its versatility. Of course, by toning at hand, you can create a more favorite color.
LNN-005: It is an all-purpose black color that can also be used as tress black.
LNN-097: It is a classic white that is also useful when mixing other colors to make light colors.
LRR-84F: It is a bright red color that shines as an accent.
LYR-385: It is a convenient color for applying the character’s skin.
LYR-56D: It is an orange color that can be used for anything, such as hair color or training clothes.
LYR-522: It is a dark brown that is surprisingly useful, whether it is the shadow color of the hair or the soil.
LYY-78C: It’s bright yellow.
LGY-96C: In addition to plants and trees, yellow-green is very active with the skin color of the Great Demon King alien.
LGG-73B: In addition to mossy green, it is a great success with the hair color of a demonic alien.
LBB-368: It is a vivid light blue perfect for the surface of the water and the clear blue sky.
LPB-61A: It is a dark blue that can be used for anything in the night sky, clothes, hair, and anything.
LRP-65B: Hair, ribbon, cherry blossom petals, and pink color full of cuteness.

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